‘We’re sharing our values:' Senior university relations specialist grows company reputation by recruiting at new colleges

Senior University Relations Specialist Stanley Stiles visited nearly 40 colleges in 2023, including several HBCUs, to strengthen Martin Marietta’s recruiting efforts.

Among the colleagues helping Stanley Stiles recruit is Senior Manager of Talent Development Brad Geiger, who is seen here speaking to Mining Engineering students at West Virginia University.

When he accepted the role, Stanley Stiles knew two things: First, there was a ton of work to do. Next, results would come soon, but true growth would take time.

“I’m the first person to ever hold this position at Martin Marietta,” says Stiles, a senior university relations specialist on the Corporate Talent Acquisition team in Raleigh. “There are many amazing people across the company who identify and attract top talent, and I’m lucky to be one whose time is primarily focused on managing programs for early career professionals.” 

Stiles joined Martin Marietta in 2021 and stepped into his current role in the first half of 2023. He quickly went to work designing an agenda that would allow members of the Talent Acquisition team to visit nearly 40 colleges and universities before the end of the year. 

While Martin Marietta has long recruited talented candidates from schools with strong mining and engineering programs, a key focus was expanding the breadth of the company’s college recruitment efforts to target universities with strong programs in business, accounting and other disciplines that help a large company thrive, Stiles says. 

“For a long time, we focused our recruiting at a few core schools where we experienced positive outcomes, which is great. We’ll continue to visit those schools often and build upon our relationships there,” he says. “What I’ve tried to do is expand that success into other schools as well. That’s how you grow this type of program.” 

Included in the list of fresh school visits were several historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). 

Senior University Relations Specialist Stanley Stiles visited nearly 40 colleges in 2023, including several HBCUs, to strengthen Martin Marietta’s recruiting efforts.

In 2023, Stiles attended career events at Florida A&M University, North Carolina A&T State University and Morgan State University, schools in which Martin Marietta did not previously have a large presence. 

“The HBCUs we’ve been building relation - ships with are some of the strongest schools in the country,” Stiles says. “Many of the students we’re meeting seem like a great fit for us. They’re looking for a place where they can develop their skills and grow their careers.” 

Stiles says that toward the end of 2023, he took some time to assess how effective his university efforts had been. Acknowledging that he is regularly helped by colleagues from across the enterprise who join him at on-campus recruiting events and career fairs, Stiles says he’s pleased with the early results he has seen. 

Historically, many college students who have begun a career with Martin Marietta have done so through the Internship Program, which is geared specifically toward active students, or the Management Associate Program, which is designed for recent college graduates. While those programs have been expanding for several years, Stiles says they grew substantially in 2023, with nearly 75 interns and 25 management associates joining the company in total. 

Feedback on the ground, he says, has also been incredibly positive. “There are many students who don’t know who we are or what we do, but when they learn about our company and our culture, they’re excited,” he says. “We’re meeting people from all different backgrounds and letting them know that we can find a space for them if they want to work hard and learn.” 

In 2024, Stiles has plans for on-campus recruiting visits with 40 to 50 schools. 

“We’re seeing great growth, but we know it’s going to take some time,” he says. “We’re speaking about who we are, sharing our values and helping Martin Marietta built its reputation. It’s all starting to come together. 

“People are beginning to recognize us. When I visit some of these schools for a second time, students are remembering who I am and they’re remembering what we’re about. It’s extremely gratifying.” 

Director of Software Engineering Ernie Paschall speaks with students at North Carolina State University.