Colorado quarry learns about ice rescue

Firefighters in Golden, Colorado, trained on Spec Agg Quarry’s frozen Magic Mountain Reservoir in January.

The team at Spec Agg Quarry hosted the local Golden, Colorado, fire department in January for the department’s annual ice rescue training.

The training was conducted on Spec Agg’s Magic Mountain Reservoir, which serves as a water supply for dust control, the wash plant and other mining activities. Officials on the ground said the reservoir is an ideal location because it is less than a mile from the fire station, freezes on the surface in the winter, has enough room for their entire team to meet and train, and is large enough to simulate a lake or other large body of water.

“Spec Agg strives to maintain positive relations with local first responders and the Golden community,” said Miller Gorny, assistant plant manager at the quarry. “The site is sometimes required to file permits through the Golden Fire Department for environmental needs and changes, so maintaining this relationship is important. It is also vital that first responders have familiarity with our site in case of an emergency.”

This was the fifth year the Golden Fire Department has trained at Spec Agg. Gorny said there were roughly 20 attendees.