‘Our safety is our family’s future’

The Onslow Quarry Team recently celebrated 25 years without an incident, joining an elite group of teams that have operated safely for more than a quarter of a century. 

While attending a celebratory luncheon in late April, East Division President Ron Kopplin said the team’s accomplishment was driven by a commitment to safe work and Martin Marietta’s Guardian Angel safety culture. 

“I’m proud of what this team has accomplished,” Kopplin said after the event. “Many people have come and gone over the 25-year period, but what has remained unchanged at this operation is the sense of family and being each other’s Wingman.” 

Team leadership said Onslow’s safety philosophy is founded on the crew’s genuine care for each other. Crew members use words like “teamwork” and “family” when describing their safety priorities, and one of the team’s safety mottos, “our safety is our family’s future,” is a phrase coined by Mechanic Zachary Paquette that is often repeated. 

The team at Onslow Quarry recently celebrated 25 years without a safety incident. 

Haul Truck Driver Bert Price, the site’s safety champion, said reciting the Guardian Angel Creed together every morning during their pre-shift meeting is something that all 21 of the site’s employees – whether they’ve been at the quarry for a year or nearly 40 years – take to heart. 

“It really means something to all of us,” he said. “Safety is always number one.” 

Joe Rivenbark, a haul truck driver with 38 years of service, echoed Price’s sentiment. 

“These guys are all so good to work with – everyone always has safety on their minds,” he said. 

Local leaders said they are confident Onslow’s people will continue to place safety at the forefront as they work together to continue building the operation’s legacy. 

At the luncheon, District Production Manager Arlen Carpenter reflected on the sheer impact of more than 9,125 days without an incident – not just on the employees, but on all who have entered the quarry as well as their families. 

“Thousands of employees, customers and contractors have come through this gate and every single one of them went home the way that they came,” he said. “That is such a remarkable achievement.” 

Looking toward the future, the Onslow crew aims to continue exemplifying what it means to be good Wingmen. 

“You are now the example we are going to hold up to the district, division and company,” Kopplin told the Onslow team. “We hope all of our Martin Marietta colleagues will receive the message: ‘Onslow can do it, so can you.’” 

Adding to Kopplin’s statement, Plant Manager Doug Fetsko spoke up, exclaiming, “And 30 years is just around the corner.”