New Basic Safety Rules to make companywide debut this spring

All teams expected to adopt revised practices before August 1

AFTER EXTENSIVE REVIEW by professionals across Martin Marietta, a revised edition of the Basic Safety Rules will make its operational debut this spring. All teams will be expected to fully adopt the new rules by Aug. 1, 2024.

The 62-page, pocket-sized booklet includes new or clarified guidance on a host of topics and will serve to help our teams work safely, said Vice President of Safety and Health Michael Hunt. Martin Marietta shared a nearly final draft of the Basic Safety Rules in December, asking all teams to review the material and provide any feedback that would add value to the document. Several dozen teammates replied, including experienced operational professionals, human resources leaders and division presidents.

The feedback was then compiled, considered and, where appropriate, implemented, said Hunt, noting that the published edition was ultimately reviewed by frontline supervisors, safety professionals, Martin Marietta’s Legal Department and the Safety Executive Steering Committee.

“Many of these practices and policies have been in place for years. They have proven highly effective and have helped Martin Marietta grow and succeed,” Hunt said. “We have provided updated guidance in several key safety areas. These ideas were thoroughly discussed and carefully considered by professionals from across the enterprise. I am confident our revised Basic Safety Rules will be effective because so many of our thoughtful and talented colleagues have had a hand in their development.”

Print copies of the Basic Safety Rules were produced in April and delivered to all division offices. Local safety professionals were then tasked with delivering the fresh copies to the operations for which they are responsible.

Beginning in May and running through July, Martin Marietta will provide regular updates and talking points covering many of the key changes to the revised Basic Safety Rules. Site leaders, with support from their district and divisional supervisors, should then discuss the key changes with their teams to ensure the new rules are understood.

Hunt said the revised Basic Safety Rules should be in practice at all company locations before August 1.

Central Division President Bill Podrazik, who has worked with numerous operational teams across multiple divisions, said implementing the new Basic Safety Rules companywide by mid-summer should pose little challenge.

“The vast majority of teams across Martin Marietta are already operating safely and employing best practices we have developed over decades. They have devoted significant effort to making sure our Guardian Angel culture is strong and will be ready to adopt these changes,” he said. “Given the timeline and available resources, I expect the new Basic Safety Rules will be fully and quickly embraced.”

The revised Basic Safety Rules are part of a much wider plan to bolster Martin Marietta’s safety performance. Other efforts include the launch of the Guardian Angel Fundamentals, which debuted in late 2023 to bring more attention to four potential hazards that are among the most serious: line-of-fire exposures; slips, trips and falls; working at heights; and energy controls. Safety professionals from across the company are also working to refresh key communications elements of the Guardian Angel safety culture. That work is expected to continue through 2024.

“Our efforts are all geared toward continuous improvement,” Hunt said. “We have achieved so much from a safety perspective, but just as with every aspect of our business, we must always strive to be better. We must not rest until we reach and maintain ZERO.”