A purr-fect tribute to Martin Marietta: Team member honors company’s quarries through animal charity work

One Martin Marietta team member has found an interesting way to take her work home...litter-ally.

Benson, one of the seven kittens named after Martin Marietta sites. 

One Martin Marietta team member has found an interesting way to take her work home...litter-ally. 

Toward the end of November, Network Administrator Allysa Thomas got a call from Alley Cats and Angels, a nonprofit foster home-based cat rescue where she frequently volunteers. Off the road in Raleigh, North Carolina, someone had found a litter of kittens in desperate need of a foster home. 

Thomas sprang into action and offered to monitor the cats, clean them, tend to their sickness, spay and neuter them, and take care of them until they were adopted. 

But, as she was leaving her desk at the Martin Marietta headquarters, she was inspired. 

Once picked up, the litter of seven got newly adopted names based on different sites in the company: Ames, Benson, Dubois, Guernsey, Malcom, Maylene and Winterset. 

“I wanted to give them the names of quarries I had worked with recently,” she said, smiling. “I was originally told that it was only four, but when seven got placed in my car, well, I had to come up with three other site names.” 

The addition of seven new cats meant a total of 11 felines roamed the home she shares with her boyfriend. 

“It was a lot,” Thomas laughed. “But, we were happy to help.” 

Over several weeks, welcoming families have adopted all but one of the cats. 

“All we have left is Ames,” she said, looking at a photo of the soapy cat after a recent bath. “But I have a feeling they’re getting picked real soon.” 

Thomas said she was inspired to name these cats after Martin Marietta sites for many reasons. 

“When I found these cats, I was about two months into my Martin Marietta journey. I was new and eager, ready to take on whatever came my way,” Thomas said. “When I got these cats and saw that, like me, they were new to an environment and had so much excitement and hope in front of them, I thought it was only fitting to name them in honor of Martin Marietta.” 

But more than that, she said Martin Marietta’s environmental commitment inspired her. 

Along with safety, community and employee well-being, environmental stewardship is a core value for the company. 

“So much of the charity work pet fostering families do revolves around sustainability,” she said. “I named these kittens after our sites because animal protection and dedication to the natural world go hand in hand, and it’s something I know my company takes seriously.” 

Thomas said she is grateful that a company like Martin Marietta allows her the time needed to take care of seven rambunctious kittens. 

Guernsey, one of the seven kittens named after Martin Marietta sites. 

“I know Martin Marietta values me as an employee and an individual,” she said. “With the support of my manager and team, I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to care for someone’s future best friend and help give these little guys a second chance.” 

Infrastructure Manager and Network Architect Kyle Vincent, Thomas’ supervisor, said it was “heartwarming” to learn how Thomas juggles her busy schedule to rescue and foster cats. 

“Naming her seven most recent foster kittens after different Martin Marietta quarries is a creative homage to her quick integration and newfound bond with her colleagues,” Vincent said. “Both gestures speak volumes about who Allysa is and why we’re so fortunate to have her on our ONE team.” 

Every year, Martin Marietta donates and volunteers with dozens of charitable organizations. 

Thomas has worked with Alley Cats and Angels for six years. 

She says that whether it be with your site, your team or yourself, it is always good to give back to a charity you are passionate about. 

“It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling,” she said. “When I get to help a new kitten or injured animal, I get to see them grow up. I also get to see the impact one person can make on an animal’s life. We should all strive for that.”